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Hubert Kläsener GmbH & Co. KG



The handling and transport of liquid and dangerous goods calls for maximum competency and reliability and is extremely demanding not only for the staff but also for the equipment. With regular staff training and the use of state of the art tankers we do everything to fulfil this task.

All our acquisitions fulfil and correspond to the latest safety and ecological requirements. This goes especially for road tankers of pollutant category “EURO 5” and tankers equipped with lane departure warning systems and vehicle stability assist. With our variety of special purpose tankers we offer a complete range of transport solutions for liquid materials.


Modern aggregates and tanker materials are the basis for optimised costs and maximum reliability. Whether you need stainless steel tankers, special material tankers or tankers with special coatings you can be sure we will find the best solution. For transporting your products we have insulated single and multiple compartment tankers, semi-trailers made of stainless steel with a 35,000 litre capacity and jumbo trailers with a 46,000 litre capacity available. These vehicles are approved for hazard classes 3, 6, 8 and 9. All our tankers are naturally equipped with pumps and/or compressors, automatic safety devices and limiting value transmitters.

We transport goods to the following destinations: Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Denmark, Switzerland and Austria.